Lump sugar SALAVAN is produced using a unique traditional technology. On the first stage,  high quality granulated sugar is selected, which then is mixed with distilled water. Afterwords, it passes several stages of deep cleaning, which removes all contaminants.

The purified sugar is boiled in vacuum boilers and the liquid is poured into special forms (heads) in which the water gets evaporated, and the sugar crystallizes and solidifies. At the last stage, the sugar is split and packed. SALAVAN sugar, produced by this technology, contains only 100% sucrose. The pieces of sugar are hard, originally shaped and acquire absolutely sweet and pleasant taste.

SALAVAN sugar is ideal for having teatime and it will become an authentic decoration of your tea ceremony.

Love is
The Arazrenk company has released extra 2 ways of packaging for the Love is chewing gum. Love Is is a Turkish brand, which sells its goods in Russia since 1990s. The chewing gum contains 2 tastes and 2 colors. It symbolizes the love of fruits to each other. Adults and kids also love the comics add-ins. Some people even collect them! Right now, there 8 diferent tastes of the Love Is chewing gum.
The SUSAN tea is frst class tea which is collected in Ceylon feld and packaged in Sri Lanka. The tea has a great taste and an invigorating aroma which will improve even the worst mood.
 The tea is collected by hand and is transported in a special way in order to save its health-giving qualities. The assorting and packing right at the production sport helps a ton.
 A continuous control of all production stages allows the company to correspond to the international standards.
The Miad Family

The Miad company was found in 1978 and, apart from tea, also produces food products. Producers think that a quality product should not be expensive. Incontrast, it should be available for locals. This philosophy has allowed the company to grow quickly.

The Mahmood tea is considered to be one of the best on the world’s market.
It’s collected by hand at the best Sri Lanka plantations. The tea is distinguished by invigorating aroma and its marvelous golden shade.
The entire Mahmood tea production is marked by a special quality sign – the lion emblem. It symbolizes the country of Sri Lanka. Only teas of high quality have this sign.
The Mahmood cofee is known in 40 countries. The Mahmood Cofee has got a broad assortment. It includes cappuccino with chocolate crumb, boiled ground cofee which can simply be made in a cup.
The Mahmood Cofee can be bought in diferent packages: 2 in 1, 3 in 1, 4 in 1, gold and classic.
A unique taste and a holy aroma will get you a tremendous pleasure.