Crushed sugar SAVALAN is produced using a unique traditional technology. At the first stage, high-quality granulated sugar is selected, which is mixed with distilled water and undergoes several stages of deep purification, which allows removing all harmful impurities.

Refined sugar is boiled in vacuum boilers and in liquid form is poured into special molds (heads), in which water is evaporated, and the sugar crystallizes and solidifies. At the last stage, the resulting sugar heads are split and packed into the packaging.

The SAVALAN sugar produced by this technology contains only 100% sucrose. The sugar lumps are hard, original shape and have a full sweet pleasant taste. SAVALAN sugar is ideal for tasting tea and will become an original tea ceremony decoration.


The MAHMOOD brand is known in 40 countries of the world. MAHMOOD Coffee surprises with an unusually wide assortment: cappuccino with chocolate chips, brewed ground coffee that can be prepared directly in a mug, etc.

MAHMOOD Coffee offers its customers various flavors: from 2in1 to 3in1, from 4in1 to gold and classic. Unique taste and divine aroma will give you incomparable pleasure.

MAHMOOD tea is considered one of the best in the world market. It is harvested by hand on the best plantations in Sri Lanka.
The tea has an invigorating aroma and an amazing golden hue.

All products of MAHMOOD tea are marked with a special quality mark – the emblem of a lion. It symbolizes the state of Sri Lanka. Only the highest quality teas obtain such a mark.


SUSAN tea is a premium tea harvested in the Ceylon fields and packed in Sri Lanka. The tea has an excellent taste and invigorating aroma that will lift even the worst mood.
The tea is harvested by hand and transported according to all the rules in order to preserve its beneficial properties. This is facilitated by sorting and packing right at the production site.
Continuous control of all stages from harvest to delivery allows the company to comply with all international standards.


The world’s best selling chewing gum! The history of the brand goes back more than half a century since 1964. Trident is sold in more than 70 countries, and now officially in Russia. The first sugar-free gum ever, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Trident gum to their patients.
The unique patented composition helps prevent tooth decay and diseases of the oral cavity. The first chewing gum that traveled to space, and now it is an integral part of all Space Shuttle missions since 1980!

The Miad Family

Since 2013, a product of the highest quality – MIAD rice has been introduced to the Russian market, gaining popularity among true connoisseurs. Rice harvested from rice paddies in Punjab in India, it is 100% organic. It has an excellent aroma and unique taste, Indian Basmati rice is the longest type of rice in the world. It cooks quickly, does not stick together, increases by 2-2.5 times during cooking. The length of the grains reaches 2 cm. Perfect for making pilaf. Pilaf made from MIAD rice turns out to be airy and crumbly.


International manufacturers that produce brands well-known to Russians, such as Milka, Tofita, Elegan, Tofy, Meybon, Miss. From these companies, we have taken excellent brands that give quality and unforgettable taste. BoniBon from Milka – milk chocolate in bright dragees, which will not leave indifferent chocolate lovers. Gummy candies from Tofita, Elegan and Tofу with bright fruit flavors and Candy Caramel from Miss and Meybon with chocolate, creamy coffee and fruit flavors.


Bright and tasty lollipops remind of a carefree childhood and give delicious moments of happiness. Cast and twisted handmade caramel Dendy Candy has already managed to catch the fancy of many buyers.
The production with a total area of ​​5500 sq.m. is located in Stavropol, and at the moment it employs more than 100 people.
We use German coloring and conserving agents, and together with the best technologists from Turkey, we create high quality of all products. We should also note our eco line with nuts and honey – an extremely pure composition and nothing more. We are proud that our factory is one of the few that can produce such lollipops on an industrial scale while maintaining consistent quality.