Sweet novelty! Cast and twisted handmade caramel Dendy Candy has already managed to catch the fancy of many buyers. The production with a total area of ​​5500 square meters is located in Stavropol, and at the moment it employs more than 100 people.

We use German coloring and conserving agents, and together with the best technologists from Turkey, we create high quality of all products. We should also note our eco line with nuts and honey – an extremely pure composition and nothing more. We are proud that our factory is one of the few that can produce such lollipops on an industrial scale while maintaining consistent quality.


New in Savalan products! Sweets in the format of popular oriental sweets such as parvarda. Lollipop caramel obtained by pulling the boiled mass from sugar syrup with citric acid sprinkled with a small amount of flour. The candies are produced in several lines: soft and viscous Mevlana with melon, chocolate, tutti-frutti, mint, wild berries, and strawberry flavors. Akide is crisper and glazed with melon, cola, tutti-frutti, watermelon, cherry and strawberry flavors. And also the classic, beloved by all, Rachki. The sweets are packed in bright craft packaging with a weight of 180g and 200g. There is also a transparent 1 kg flow pack format.


Only sugar, molasses, citric acid, nuts, natural honey and water – this is the complete composition of our lollipops. A very tasty and healthy replacement for regular sweets. 100% natural healthy sweets, no flour or eggs, no artificial additives, colorings or flavor enhancers. All sweets are made by hand with the addition of hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios or almonds – ideal for those who choose exclusive and quality products.


Colored chocolate dragees Bonibon are another novelty from the international
manufacturer Mondelez International.

Bright dragees with delicate milk chocolate inside are a great treat for adults and children. And if you like gummy, softer candies, then choose Kent’s Tofita, Elegan, Tofy, Miss or Meybon. These are the best brands that give quality and an unforgettable taste of cherry, orange and strawberry.


Our annual purchase revenue is over 4 500 000 $;3rd place through all of the chewing gums in RussiaWe plan to sell Love is in 7 of the top 10 Russian federal networks. X5 Retail Group (Piaterochka, Perekrestok), Tander (Magnit), Metro,OK, Ashan, Lenta,Intertorg(Family, Spar) Diksi, Bristol, MariaRa, Globus.Investment of 150.000 $ for advertising purposes.